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 The Wheel Chances

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PostSubject: The Wheel Chances   Wed May 19, 2010 3:09 pm

Evony Amulet Wheel
The Aries Amulet or Roulette Wheel is a very complex feature of Evony. In this post, I am going to tell you exactly what your chances of winning a certain item are. That’s right, you heard correctly – later in this guide you’ll be learning your exact percent chances of winning a specific reward.

The 3 most valuable wheel rewards:

1. Holy Helm of Mars – This amazing chest item gives you a hero with a base stat of 80+ in one of the attributes, and guarantees that the hero is level 35+. Heroes are what determine the battle; heroes are what give you that huge resource bonus; heroes are the ones that decrease your level 10 Archery research from 300 hours to 150 hours. In addition, heroes are going to play a huge factor in the Age II.

2. 1,000 Game Cents – This overrules all the other rewards as 1,000 game cents can buy them all. A tip to all you player who win this unbelievable reward – do not spend these coins to speed up construction & research. Save your cents – you’re going to want them later on.

3. Plate Helm of Lancelot – Regardless of what others may say, Hods Realm holds heroes in the highest esteem. We believe they are the future of Evony. This great item gives you a hero with minimum of base 70 in an attribute. Reasons are similar to the Holy Helm of Mars.

I’d like to explain a few things to you all before we proceed to the goodies.

First, I’m going to break the wheel down for you.

* The Amulet Wheel is divided into four different categories: Jackpot, Premium, Respectable, Regular

Jackpot: The jackpot is when you win the “big reward” on the wheel. This item is located at the top row of the wheel in the dead middle. The rewards here are considered to be the “most desirable” or the “best reward”. These are extremely rare.

Premium: The premium rewards are when you win a very good reward. Premium is at three locations on the wheel: the center of the right column, the center of the left column, and the center of the bottom row.

Respectable: The respectable rewards are just that – respectable and decent, but not amazing rewards. Respectables are at four locations on the wheel: the top left corner, the top right corner, the bottom left corner, and the bottom right corner.

Regular: Regular rewards are the most simple or “worst” rewards. They are located in between the corners and the middle of the wheel. There’s a total of sixteen regular slots.

An interesting fact about the Wheel:

- If there is more than one of the same reward on the wheel, you will not get that reward. For some odd reason, you only win something if there’s only one of it.

Enough talk already, get down to the statistics right?

Disclaimer: Although we are confident that our results are correct we claim no responsibility for anything.

Alright so let’s begin! First we’ll list your chance of winning any of the rewards from the category, then we’ll list the individual reward chances.

* Keep in mind that all percentages are rounded *

You have a 1.73% chance of winning the Jackpot.

Jackpot Rewards:

You have a 10.35% chance of winning a Premium reward.

You have a 29.31% chance of winning a Respectable reward.

You have a 58.62% chance of winning a Regular reward.

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lord colt

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PostSubject: wheel   Wed May 19, 2010 3:17 pm

nice didnt know about these in % and all is good to know
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The Wheel Chances
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